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Smee Gives Everyone The Opportunity Sell Online.

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Download Smee for Phones

The Smee app is currently available for Android. Our team of Engineers are currently working on the iPhone version which will be released soon.

Power Your Business With Smee

Smee is an online marketplace for buyers and sellers. Smee provides free online store for sellers with a store address to sell products. You can invite customers to shop from your Smee store with the Smee smart invite.

You will get instant notifications on your mobile phone when buyers, customers and visitors start ordering products from your store or when buyers visit your store, Smee will notify you instantly.

Smee gives every seller the opportunity to create customized product categories.

Smee is 100% free for all buyers and sellers. What this means is that you don't need to pay Smee for you to be able to buy or sell on Smee. It's 100% free.

Easy buying and selling

Your Smee number is your store address. With your Smee number, customers can easily find your store on Smee. The Smee mobile app is your brand ambassador, allowing you to manage your entire business with your phone.

Anyone with your Smee number can easily find your store on the Smee market to order products instantly. To pull traffic to your store, all you need to do is invite customers to shop from your Smee store with the Smee smart invite or share your Smee number.

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